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The first multichain dapphub by scapecase. Combination of old and new dapps which makes scapecase multipurpose.

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All your needed decentralized applications now are in one place called dapphub by scapecase

What we do in scapecase?

Try to give full dapp support. like swap, trade, games, loans and marketplaces etc. By creating and collaboration.

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Decentralized Fun

Scapecase brings decentralized fun in the form of dapphub. Which includes games, swaps, marketplace and much more.

Start with NFT

We start with nft collection and then our aim is to go on and on to serve community and provide best support.

Phase I & Phase II

Phase I

Phase II

Team Builders

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Homie.eth and Mustafaneo are founders of scapecase. Here is short into of both of them. For complete team details go to about page.


Homie.eth is founder of scapecase. He is an entrepreneur and blockchain dev.


Mustafaneo is Co founder and head dev of scapecase. He is dev of smart contract and blockchain.

All your Decentralized dreams become true.

If you become part of our ambitions and goals go to contact page and submit form.